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The Loon Lake Historical Society was formed to celebrate the town and state centennials -- and was later very influential in saving the Old Schoolhouse. While preparing for the centennials, many old photos were copied and identified. This was the start of our photo collection. We realized then how important saving the history of the area was and how fast the accurate records and family histories were disappearing.

Preserving history became our main goal. The Loon Lake Historical Society and the Old Schoolhouse are run entirely by volunteers putting in many hours to save that which will be important to future generations. But the work would be impossible without the many people who have shared their family photos and stories with us. We thank these generous people.


Would you like to become a volunteer? Come by on Saturday (May through September) between 10am - 4pm and introduce yourself. We'd love to meet you!


The Old Schoolhouse brick split-entry building was built in 1929 for first through eighth grade students at a cost of $8,000. Two classrooms existed, one for grades 1-4 and one for grades 5-8. There was one teacher for each of the four grades. The downstairs was used as a lunch room and a multipurpose room. The stage was regularly used for programs and for community events.

The Loon Lake Historical Society purchased the Old Schoolhouse from the Loon Lake School District in 1992, when the new Loon Lake school was completed. A dedicated group of volunteers have restored the old schoolhouse building and brought it up to present day codes and standards. The building retains the original look and feel of a school built in the 1920s and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Available For Rent

The Old Schoolhouse is available to the public for meetings and special events.  Both the upper and lower floors are accessible via a key-operated elevator on the south side of the building.  To book your meeting or event, call (509) 233-2222 or email

Loon Lake Historical Society is a proud member of the Heritage Network -an association of museums and historical societies centered around Northeast Washington. 


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