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Museum and Exhibits

The Loon Lake Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the Loon Lake area. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers who are passionate about sharing the stories of our community. We do this by collecting, documenting, preserving and displaying artifacts, photographs, and other historical materials.


We invite you to visit our Old Schoolhouse museum, gift shop, and history room to learn more about our town's fascinating past. During the summer months, we are open to the public on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Come and add your family history to our archives!

In the Research Room for 2023, our Historian, Karen has assembled a tribute to Leno Prestini - local legend and artist - including his art, eccentric inventions, and brickwork.  Prints are available in the gift shop.

Our museum features the history of the Loon Lake, Washington area (and our living exhibit, the Old Schoolhouse) including artifacts, photographs, and documents. In our History Room visitors can research their family history, create a Family Book for our archives, and learn about this community. 


2023 exhibits include:

  • The Resorts and Camps of Deer Lake

  • Resorts of Loon Lake

  • Historic Outhouses of Deer Lake (a very smelly photo shoot)

  • Why Do We Collect Things?

  • Historical Society Wine Labels

  • Memorial honoring our long-time volunteer Joan

  • And more!

Interior of The Old Schoolhouse desks & exhibits

Jane photographed the old Deer Lake Outhouses 30 years ago with a film camera and telephoto lense! Now she's creating a whimsical glimpse into the past - with gratitude for the sewer system! How will you share your skills, insights and artifacts?

Work with our historian, Karen Meyer to delve into the archives and prepare your local family history book. How will you share your history, skills, insights and artifacts?


Bill Schneck, Deer Lake resident and forensic scientist contributed this dugout canoe, retrieved from the bottom of Deer Lake in the 1990s. He is curating the exhibit. Nita Groth, Deer Lake resident is coordinating the Resorts of Deer Lake committee to create their exhibit.

Tina, Red Cross volunteer contributed the Red Cross artifacts and details for our History of Swimming Exhibit. How will you share your history, skills, insights and creativity?

Tina, Red Cross Volunteer.jpg

Families research their history and capture stories and information from elders during the Summer Festival and throughout the season.

Consulting with our history buff, Judy Gross is always a delightful experience. She knows so much about the community and is always eager to share!

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